Whether it’s between games, during half-time or at after school functions, prominently displaying businesses, organizations and families that support the school is a great opportunity to show students and their families the greater community that cares about their school.

Creating a presentation is a simple as placing a few images on a USB drive. Two clicks on the controller and your Presentation is playing.  Cycle through images at the pace you want.  Display hundreds of sponsors or just one. How you use it, is completely up to you.

Presentation Mode:

  • At events use the side screens to show sponsors with the event logo and information in the main screen.
  • Between games show player phots with sponsors displayed prominently on the main screen.
  • During auctions show auction items & Donors.
  • Show brackets and Sponsors at Tournaments.
  • Display upcoming school events during lunch.
  • Ect…

How much should a Sponsor Cost.

Sponsors can be set up for all price brackets. Set up sponsors for a single game or for an entire season or year.  Setup sponsor ads that span the entire main screen and into the side screens or as divide them into quarters on the main screen.  Display each sponsor for a couple seconds or display a single one for the entire game.  Customization is key to attracting all interested businesses and organizations.